A Little Something To Ponder……Your Blessing is on its way!

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A Little Something To Ponder……Your Blessing is on its way!

As I look around my community, I find that the enemy has set up camp and is working hard night and day to strategize his plan of attack on the men and women of God. Although I can spiritually see the imps of the enemy busily going about their assigned task, I am in no wise disturbed in my spirit.

The enemy’s job is to seek after us in hope to devour us (I Peter 5:8). Our job is to trust and depend on the Lord for He is our Alpha and Omega, our beginning and our end. There is no need to be worried or perplexed with the cares of this world for God has a plan for each one of our lives!

Now that I have been blessed to spiritually see what it is that the enemy is doing, I count it all joy! Not because I want to be attacked spiritually or naturally by the devil but because the vision God has shown me is a wonderful sign that my blessings are on the way.

My dear friends don’t look at the things that are happening to you as just lessons to be learned or seeds to be reaped or just life’s tragedies but instead remind yourself of the promises that God have given unto you no matter how long ago it was. We serve a God that can not lie, that will not lie, that shall not lie, that has no desire to lie. So with that being a fact, why would He have promised you something and not allow it to come to pass? Why would He dangle His beautiful blessings in your face and not give them to you full of grace? There is no argument that He loves us with a special kind of love and that he gives us new mercies every day so why wouldn’t this awesome, grace giving, mercy supplying God give unto you His child? The word of God states clearly that Christ came so that we may have life and that life more abundantly! (John 10:10)

God is ready to give us everything that He has promised us and this is why the enemy has turned up the fire in our lives. God allows the fire of the enemy so that we can spiritually see that He is in complete control! We must build our faith to know that He is right there at our defense and He has all that He has promised to us with Him. My friends, hold tight, keep the faith, trust and depend on God for your blessing is on its way!