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A Little Something To Ponder……Your Blessing is on its way!

As I look around my community, I find that the enemy has set up camp and is working hard night and day to strategize his plan of attack on the men and women of God. Although I can spiritually see the imps of the enemy busily going about their assigned task, I am in no…
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A Little Something To Ponder…….Restore Unto Me The Joy!

David in all his might and glory, many times found himself in compromising positions. One situation that comes to mind is when he sinned with Bath Sheba. Of course David was looking for some type of way to conceal his sin, but sin, no matter how discreet, can never be hidden. The word tells us…
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A little something to ponder……I’m Still Standing!

Through life’s ups and downs, I’ve found one thing to remain the same and that is the love of God. It doesn’t matter how hard the task or how easy the journey, The Lord has never left my side. As I think back in my mind of all the trails and tribulations-some satan inflicted but…
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A little something to ponder……God is in control

A little something to ponder……………… These are the favorite words of a dear friend of mine. Whenever he encounters a difficult situation, he comforts himself by saying “God is in Control!” When I first met him I could see by his anointing that he has spent a lot of time with the Lord but because…
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A Little Something to Ponder…..I am D.I.V.A.

A young woman sat in her living room and began to reminisce over her life and she thought about all the times she was told she was unattractive or made to feel like she had no value. She went back in her mind and thought about how she did not have a father figure in…
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